, Kingston, NH

March 28, 2013

True Charity

Carriage Towne News

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I write this letter at this time of remembrance of what truly constitutes the meaning of charity, namely the redemption of a truly unworthy mankind by a benevolent creator who loved his creation so much that he would allow them to kill his own son, and actually use that horrible crime as the means of atonement for man's sins!

How many of us would be willing to be tortured and spit upon and killed for someone who was doing those things to us? What type of person would forgive someone who constantly breaks their heart or who refuses to change the way they live so as to please their very maker? What kind of friend can predict the betrayal of his closest companions and then forgive them after the deed was done and even give one of them the keys to his kingdom with the power to keep others out if they don't choose to change their waywardness? God's house, God's rules! But, earth is our home. We are living in a time when truth is portrayed as hate and emotion gets in the way of problem solving. We are living in times when what the Holy Bible teaches is thrown out the window because it goes against what we feel is right even though all the warnings associated with certain sinful acts enumerated in that book are coming to fruition!

There are four sins which call down the wrath of God upon the earth, but does anyone care? Infanticide, sodomy, oppressing the poor, and withholding pay from day laborers. Does anybody want to know what the wrath of God always consists of? War, famine, disease, natural disasters, bad governments, economic depression, and eventual dictatorial oppression are punishments foretold over and over again in both the old and new testaments. But, because we have free will; God warns us but lets us manage our own affairs and will not intervene without our consent and asking for help.


Edward Parent