, Kingston, NH

May 30, 2013

Ayotte Attacked for Defending 2nd Amendment

Carriage Towne News

---- — Ayotte Attacked for Defending 2nd Amendment

By now most everyone has seen the ads on TV attacking Sen. Ayotte in her no vote on background checks. The truth is, NY City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg who is a gun hater among other things and his anti gun group spent $700,000 to run ads against Ayotte for the way she voted. Obama, Reed, Bloomberg can’t bully Sen. Ayotte into changing her vote. The people on theses ads are all paid and told what to say, they say eighty-nine of the NH people favor background checks, the truth is we already have background checks, buy a gun in NH you will have a background check and we have had these for years, so this is a lie telling the people Sen. Ayotte did not vote for this background check as it would have gone too far in restricting Constitutional Rights of law abiding gun owners while doing nothing to prevent deranged individuals or criminals from obtaining and misusing firearms to commit crimes. Obama, Reed, Bloomberg are doing everything they can to damage Ayotte politically for not supporting their agenda. People ought to know by now if Obama doesn’t get his way he loses control and will do anything he can to get his way. The 2nd Amendment is part of our Constitution. Ayotte is a strong supporter of this. There are many who like to change it for their advantage. Isn’t it a dam shame if you don’t agree with the establishment. They go out and trash you no matter the cost. Kelly Ayotte is for the people, for gun owners, don’t believe what you see on TV. Obama, Reed, Bloomberg are against gun owners and the people. Do you know democratic senators voted with Ayotte, but you don’t hear of this as the media won’t tell you. All you’re hearing on TV are lies from the establishment. Don’t believe them.

Don Thurston