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January 16, 2014

Support for Mike Kappler's use of Tax Foundation

Support for Mike Kappler’s use of Tax Foundation

This is in response to the criticisms of Representative Kappler’s use of the Tax Foundation to back up his recent article dated October 24 in the Carriage Town News.

Here are some facts about the Tax Foundation, which you may not know. It was founded in 1937 during the Depression and yes, by business executives, concerned about the tax rate at that time because during both Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt, federal spending had climbed 170 percent and over the previous five years internal revenue collections had risen 198 percent. Sound familiar? The founders wanted to figure out a way to monitor the spending of the federal and state governments, so “The Tax Foundation” was born.

There may be websites out there that challenge the authenticity of the Foundation, however the fact that this organization has been in existence for over 70 years is a testament to its success.

The Tax Foundation has provided information on New Hampshire’s business climate and the Concord Monitor, Seacoast Online, the Eagle Tribune, the Union Leader, and the Business and Industry Association, which represents large and small businesses, have all quoted their information. Additionally, the Concord Monitor, The Eagle Tribune, The Union Leader, and the BIA all agree that New Hampshire rates 48th in the country for corporate taxes. This high corporate tax rate does impact New Hampshire’s ability to compete since a majority of our businesses in New Hampshire are small LLC’s, which are required to pay both the Business Enterprise Tax and the Business Profit Tax, which together makes up our Corporate Tax rate. No one is disputing that NH’s BPT is among the highest in the nation and the BET, is a tax unique to New Hampshire, that taxes business even when they are not profiting. So you can characterize the political persuasion of the Tax Foundation all you’d like, but numbers are numbers and they speak for themselves.

Regina Birdsell

New Hampshire State Representative

Rockingham 13; Hampstead and Kingston

Member House Election Law Committee

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