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Letters to the Editor

January 16, 2014

Rockingham County Adult Medical Day Care Program


For generations, the taxpayers of this county have been supported the needs of our residents by maintaining good facilities and funding good programs. These services ensure a quality of life that New Hampshire strives to maintain. They are keeping housebound poor people fed, keeping troubled youth out of jail, and helping people stay out of a nursing home through the Adult Medical Day Care. The Commissioners have stated as a reason for closure that it is inappropriate for the County to compete with private adult day care businesses. If we subscribe to the belief that the County should not do anything that could be handled by private entities, will we next see the closure of the entire nursing home and assisted living complex as well as the defunding of any county services that might have a counter part somewhere in the world of private business?

The disagreement that we, and the vast majority of the members of the House of Representatives from Rockingham County (aka the County Delegation) have with the County Commissioners is about serving people. The Commissioners failure to act on the recommendations made by the County Delegation to keep the program open and to better market and advertise it, and their failure to listen to the considerable testimony provided by individuals and families using the Adult Medical Day Care, it is indefensible. As a recent piece by Nancy Russo in the Exeter News-Letter so aptly points out, there was no outreach, no advertising, no true effort to increase the number of individuals served by the Adult Medical Day Care. Those medical professionals in the best position to advise families still do not know this program existed. Instead of implementing changes to increase visibility and enrollment, the Commissioners closed it to new admissions six months ago and made it known to anyone inquiring that the program was going to close December 31st. Unfortunately, there is nothing the people and their State Representatives could do to stop them. The best we can do is express our outrage.

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