, Kingston, NH

February 13, 2014

Article #7 Takes Your Right to Vote Away

Carriage Towne News

---- — Article #7 Takes Your Right to Vote Away

Let me start off by telling Newton and Kingston voters what SB2 is all about.

SB2 allows each of us to vote in private (like voting for the President) in a booth while voting for Town and School warrants, as well as School Board members, Selectman, etc.

Please do not allow a few to take this voting right away.

This change would disenfranchise many voters, disabled, elderly and anyone who is unable to attend the School deliberation session. Think of it: there are 3,020 voters in Newton, and at least that amount in Kingston. What if half of them showed up for the meeting? We do not have available space to allow all to attend, then why not allow them to vote at the polls?

This is just another way of saying voters do not know what they are voting for. I disagree. I think voters in both towns are right up on the School Issues.

Please vote “No” on Warrant Article 7. Keep your right to vote on School Issues. Let’s not go back to the time when only a few voters decided the outcome of School Warrants.

The vote by the School Board to support rescinding SB2 was five for and one against. Please contact them and ask why they voted the way they did, and why do they want to take away your right to vote on School Warrant articles.

Jack Kozec