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February 6, 2014

2014 RCTV Warrant Articles

2014 RCTV Warrant Articles

There will be three warrant articles before Raymond voters this spring that are related to Raymond Community Television (RCTV). RCTV is funded by franchise fees paid by Comcast users. No additional tax dollars are used. Since Raymond’s annual Operating Budget cannot accumulate funds year to year, provisions must be made when the town desires to save for major purchases. Since 2011, Towns may create “Revolving Funds” for specific uses. Information on the warrant articles, the Revolving Fund RSA and RCTV Budget can be found at Just click on the “About RCTV” tab.

The $37,111 listed in both articles is the yearend balance of the “Cable TV Special revenue Fund” and will be used to create the new revolving fund. It does NOT impact the Operating budget and is NOT raised thru taxes. It is ALREADY there. It does not include the balance of the funds approved by voters in 2013 for new equipment. That is held in reserve as it is available until December of 2014


This article requests voters to rescind a 2006 vote that established the Cable TV “Special Revenue Fund”. This will allow voters in a subsequent article to create a Cable TV Revolving Fund”. There is no net impact to the Town’s Operating Budget. The $37,111.00 reflects the end of year balance in the Fund and will be used to create the new “Cable TV Revolving Fund”. The intent of the fund was to ensure that Cable Franchise fees paid by cable subscribers would be used only for cable related expenses. The “Revolving Fund” will continue to do that. Tax cost is $0.00. A YES vote will rescind a 2006 vote creating the “Cable TV Special Revenue Fund” allowing the creation of a “Cable TV Revolving Fund”. A NO vote will leave “Special Revenue Fund” in place and require all RCTV funding to be approved by the voters each year per Department of Revenue Administration.

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