, Kingston, NH

September 27, 2012

Please Vote!

I wanted to thank the voters who came out to exercise their precious right to vote last Tues., September 11th in the NH primary. Thanks also to those who ran as a candidate in the primary, no matter the outcome, our democracy depends on the civic engagement of folks like you, and we are all better for it.

Congratulations to the winners, and best of luck to all in the general election.

I want to take a moment to reflect on the upcoming fifty or less days till the general election. It will be a very busy time for both the candidates and the voters. If you have made up your mind already about the top of the ticket, do not forget also, to spend a little time learning about the candidates running at the bottom of the ballot. There are State Senators, Representatives, and many county positions that deserve your attention. All the candidates are important and have a role in our government, but it is the local Senator or Representative or County official you are often more apt to call upon. Knowing where these candidates stand on issues is important.

I have been endorsed by Restore the Center NH, a citizen's initiative that supports moderate Democrats and Republicans who are willing to work together to be consensus builders, effective problem solvers, and show a higher level of civility than has been demonstrated in Concord NH these last two years. It seems to me that the energy we spend on denigrating each other would be better spent working to find common ground, and solving our problems together. I am proud of their work, and of their endorsement of my candidacy.

So when you get that inevitable knock on the door, and it's just another politician wanting your vote, remember that we are also just folks like you, that both Democrats and Republicans are out there doing something for the love of our towns, our state and our country. So cut us a little slack, and give a listen. It only happens every couple of years, and being an engaged, informed voter strengthens our democracy.

Please vote Tues., November 6.


Kim Casey

East Kingston