, Kingston, NH

September 27, 2012

Vote for Carol Shea Porter

Carol Shea Porter served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2007-2011 and then was defeated by Frank Guinta who arrived with the Tea Party. What has been happening since Carol has been "out”?

Conservative Republicans like Congressman Guinta have refused to raise taxes on the wealthy, and have pushed replacing our guaranteed-benefit Medicare with vouchers (which would lead to over $6,000 per year of individual payments from seniors) and replacing Social Security with risky private "investments” on Wall St. Guinta and the Republicans favor subsidies for home schooling and private schools, not public schools, and also do subsidies for Big Oil but have voted to eliminate Meals on Wheels and cut Medicaid.

What has Carol been for? Carol supported investments in infrastructure such as bridges, roads, rails and power grids plus upgrading old schools. Carol was behind funding to replace the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth! She has worked and voted to strengthen American small businesses and manufacturing.

Carol wants to be re-elected and continue her good works in the House. She was a prime mover in acquiring funds for the modernization of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. She is in favor of clean energy (such as thermal, solar, wind and tidal) and voted for the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (HR354) which became law. She believes that it will be good that almost everyone will now have health insurance and that if some cannot pay for it, the government will help them pay for it. She would like both parties to work together for the good of our country.

Sue Kaplan