, Kingston, NH

January 2, 2014

Motives are Transparent

Carriage Towne News

---- — Motives are Transparent

For three years, I video recorded Fremont Selectmen’s meetings and other Town meetings. I spent $300 of my own money and bought a camera. I had no experience at doing this. I re-recorded the programs onto the Comcast required format (this, took longer than the actual recording time).

I brought the copies to Comcast and they played them on the Fremont Local Access Channel so everyone in Town could see them.

I am guessing that it took me 600 to 800 hours to do this and cost me $1,500 - $2,000 of my own money during those three years. All at no cost to the Town.

The Selectmen slapped a new tax on everyone’s Comcast bill and said it was for: “Getting the local access channel, ‘up and running’’’. Approximately $130,000.00+ dollars was collected by the Selectmen to do just that.

We (Fremont Comcast subscribers) have gotten NOTHING for this money. There is NO local programming. Why? I cannot say for sure but, past (and one present one) Selectmen have said that they did not like having the meetings broadcast.

They would rather that you do not see what they are doing. Their motives are ‘transparent’ to us but, their government is not.

Keith Stanton