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December 19, 2013

Freedom of Choice

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---- — Freedom of Choice

So let me get this straight: a family business that makes $50,000 a year that is highlighted by Ms. Ayotte on the floor of the Senate and in Mr. Hale’s opinion piece under the Affordable Care Act will be paying $19,000 a year? Really?

Nowhere does it state what the family currently pays for their Health Insurance and what it covers, but I am 100% positive that a family making $50,000 has the Gold Standard in coverage and is currently putting themselves in a financial bind by doing so (at least that is what I must assume). All one has to do is go on the Affordable Care website and plug in the information and voila…$19,000 a year is immediately debunked as a fabrication even when one gets the ‘Gold Standard’ in coverage and then the amount is $13,000 a year.

Mr. Hale doesn’t mention that the family could also get coverage for $8,000 and that would then be reduced dramatically because of their annual salary meeting the criteria for ‘subsidized’ payments. But it is much better for those that don’t want people in this country to have health coverage to play loose with the true figures and ignore the ‘rest of the story’.

As to no care at certain Hospitals, again, that is not the result of the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals have always negotiated with insurance companies and they make the decision which insurance policies they will honor…not the Affordable Care Act policies. But that is okay: Ms. Ayotte and Mr. Hale are trying to sell you a story because they are hoping you will listen to their ‘sound bite’ without checking on the facts.

Go ahead, getting on the Affordable Care site is easy now, took me seventy seconds to check the ‘reality’ of the eleven available policies for a family of four in Rockingham County.

Gary MacLeay