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December 19, 2013

Release of Sandy Hook Tapes

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---- — Release of Sandy Hook Tapes

This is a letter that I sent to the Associated Press after learning that a CT judge allowed the release of the 911 tapes:

December 4, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I find it nothing short of a disgusting media-grab that the AP would go after the tapes of those being gunned down and fighting for their lives during the shooting last year on Sandy Hook Elementary.

Your Sr. VP Kathleen Carroll’s comment is laughable, “We all understand why some people have strong feelings about the release of these tapes. This was a horrible crime. It’s important to remember, though, that 911 tapes, like other police documents, are public records. Reviewing them is a part of normal newsgathering in a responsible news organization.”

Thanks, Kathleen for letting us know that this was a “horrible crime”. So is releasing these tapes a week before the anniversary of this shooting - to me, that is also a crime. A crime for the families who now have to contend with this, on top of everything else they have had to endure.

Clearly, there is no journalistic soul at the AP for if there were, the release of these “public documents” could have easily been done at a later date or even not at all. Apparently, the maximum amount of pain could be inflicted now, just before this anniversary. How incredibly sad for you all, and for us.

Apparently, it took a only mere few hours for the AP to “review the tapes’ content and determine what might meet its standards before releasing material to subscribers”.

Good thing you got this audio out right away. Wouldn’t want to miss the nightly news. And you call yourselves a “responsible news organization.”

Shame on you.

Stefanie Dube