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March 6, 2014



Our US military has one overarching rule: “No one gets left behind.” The genesis of this rule stems from the communal belief of all Americans that we are our brothers keepers. The full cost of Warrant Articles 25 and 26 is $100 per household for the upcoming year only.

The second concern is addressed by Warrant Article 27 that seeks a Constitutional amendment to get massive campaign spending by corporations, political action committees and unions, that drown out the voice of the people, out of federal and state elections. An April 18th, 2013 “Granite State Poll” revealed that 69% of New Hampshire’s citizens support a Constitutional amendment that limits campaign contributions and spending, 75% of Democrats, 73% of Independents and 61% of Republicans.

Ms. Carroll refers to a Constitutional amendment as “very dangerous ground.” The US Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times; and, as a reminder, it must be noted that an amendment requires a two thirds vote in both Houses of Congress or on the application of two thirds of the states. In addition, three fourths of the states must approve the proposed amendment before it becomes law.

Ms. Carroll says, “Before any attempt to alter our original (Constitution) document, we need to insist the Constitution be followed as written with its true intent.” It is my understanding that the true intent of our Constitution can be found in the Federalist Papers written by some of our founding fathers, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Speaking of intent, our founding fathers who wrote the Constitution were keenly aware of the negative effects posed by money that attempts to sway elections. In Federalist Paper 39, James Madison stated, “We may define a republic to be a government that derives all its powers directly or indirectly from the people, not from an inconsiderable proportion of a favored class of it.”

Elections are for “We the People” not for corporations, PAC’s, unions or other large institutions. Vote yes on Warrant Article 27.

Harlan Cheney


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