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March 6, 2014

Vote ‘Yes’ on Article 36 and Vote for Johannesen

Vote ‘Yes’ on Article 36 and for Johannesen

In 2012, the Town of Danville voted to get rid of the regional ACO contract with Plaistow by reinstating the Danville ACO position as an elected position. The Town passed this warrant by an overwhelming 418 to 263 vote. In 2013, the Danville Selectmen ignored the Town vote by keeping and paying for the Plaistow ACO contract and by trying to dissolve the elected ACO position through placement of a warrant article on the ballot. Danville overwhelmingly voted against this warrant article. Here we are again in 2014, and the Danville Selectmen continue to ignore the Town vote by keeping and paying for the Plaistow Regional ACO contract.

I was one of those who voted to reinstate the Danville ACO position as the regional ACO contract with Plaistow did not appear to be working well. Apparently, the regional ACO makes quite a bit more that our own ACO previously made. In addition, the Danville Police appear to be spending more time answering animal related calls than the regional ACO is. This baffles me because I understood that a primary purpose of the regional ACO contract was to free up police time so that they could spend more time on public safety related issues.

I fully support Article 36, which explicitly directs the Danville Board of Selectmen (AGAIN) to employ the elected ACO position as a paid employee of the Town of Danville and to not delegate or contract the ACO position. Said ACO’s duties shall be those as detailed in the Danville 2011 ACO job description. In addition, said ACO Position shall also be initially compensated at no more than the 2014 funding amount.

In addition to supporting Article 36, I also fully support electing Sheila Johannesen as Danville’s ACO.

Sheila was the Town’s former ACO before the Selectmen got rid of the position. Sheila is very passionate about her work and helped me on more than one occasion when my dog jumped the fence and disappeared. In addition, when Sheila was ACO she recognized that Danville was on a tight budget and arranged for pet oxygen masks to be donated to the Town’s fire department. Rather than ask for training funds, she frequently was able to obtain grants to fund her training.

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