, Kingston, NH

March 6, 2014

Vote ‘No’ on Article 21

Carriage Towne News

---- — Vote ‘No’ on Article 21

Yes, child daycare centers are important and needed. Yes, it would be nice to keep Great Bay Kids Company (GBKC) in Exeter. But, that is not the point.

There is a process to be followed and transparency in how this issue came to be was lacking. Furthermore, and more important, the land was sold to the Town at a discount with the provision it would be used for recreation facilities. Voters back then approved the expenditure of their tax dollars on that basis. Now the town wants to change the intent and again overrule the voters and give GBKC a competitive advantage that uses the land for purposes not intended.

Voters need to do the right thing by voting ‘No’ on Article 21. GBKC needs to consider other land of which they were aware a year ago, but felt more costly than leasing from the Town. That’s the way the marketplace is supposed to work and the Town officials are expected to operate.

Dennis Brady