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March 6, 2014

To the residents of Danville

To the residents of Danville

My name is Chris Tracy and I am the Town Clerk of Danville. I urge you to vote “Yes” on Article 29. For many, many years, the Town Clerk has been paid on a “fees” basis, meaning that the town clerk would get a portion of the fees collected ($3.50 per registration, $2.00 per title, $1.00 per dog license) along with a small salary ($335.96 per month).

I am requesting that the Town Clerk be paid a yearly salary. There is no tax impact0 on this change, as the salary is an average of the fees collected and paid out last year. All the fees collected will be reverted back to the town as income. This article will not affect you, the residents, as taxpayers. So I urge you to vote ‘Yes’ on article 29.

I also urge all the residents to vote “Yes” on Article 30.

As a past member of the Recreation Committee, I know the hard work and dedication that the volunteers do for our residents. The Annual Tree Lighting and the yearly Elderly luncheon are just a couple of the functions that would not be held if not for the Recreation committee. Judy Armstrong, our senior committee member has put in over 16 years of dedicated volunteerism, putting in long hours and her own money, all the while never expecting a Thank You or a Pat on the Back. I admire the dedication the whole Recreation Committee puts in and wish the residents knew just how hard these folks work to bring you these events. With a part time recreation director, more programs for all ages could be added.

I support Article 30 and urge you, the residents, to do the same and vote ‘Yes’ on Article 30.

Christine Tracy


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