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March 6, 2014

Belanger for Exeter Selectman

Belanger for Exeter Selectman

I write in support of Nancy Belanger, candidate for Exeter’s Board of Selectmen. Electing our town government is one of the most important election voters have, perhaps even before the state legislature. I believe this because of the impact local decisions have on our lives and on our community. Choosing individuals who are motivated by service to others is vital in determining whether or not someone is worthy of being on our Board. Too often, at both the local and state level, we find service taking a back seat to personal egos and agendas, or to political ambitions. Nancy Belanger brings none of these impediments with her.

She was born, raised, and educated in Exeter, and her love of and dedication to our community is her motivation for seeking this office. Another important qualification she has for serving on the Board is the ability to listen with an open mind. Ms. Belanger’s professional work as a paralegal, for the past 16 years, is centered around good listening skills, an attention to detail, and on keeping an open nonjudgmental attitude even under stress. With these abilities, she has the tools needed to make good decisions.

Finally, Ms. Belanger has worked on a number of community projects, and she has served on Exeter Crimeline, the Cable TV committee, and most recently on the Budget Recommendations Committee. She has a record of being a team player who works well with others.

I believe Exeter will be well-served by electing her to the Board of Selectmen.

Donna Schlachman


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