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Letters to the Editor

March 6, 2014

Price for Transforming America is too High


How does any movement towards a bill for amnesty take place when once passed, this president can do whatever he likes with it? He can enforce or not enforce whatever he chooses in a bill passed by both houses of Congress. No Republican would ever be permitted to conduct himself this way, and Republicans would be right there to let him know it, but the wise guy from Chicago continues to abuse the executive order unchecked. Grid lock to Democrats means they don’t get every single thing they want.

In June of 2009 Obama watched and did nothing as the people of Iran risked their lives in open revolt against the Khamenei regime’s election manipulations. When he does show support it is for the wrong people, as in Egypt and Libya. This opportunity was missed by a man who no amount of on-the-job training has helped. Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is a high price to pay for Obama’s desired transformation of America.

James Mittica


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