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March 6, 2014

Price for Transforming America is too High

Price for Transforming America is too High

Millions of working Americans are losing their health insurance due to what our president once affectionately referred to as Obamacare. As he inflicts this most preposterous and deceitful wealth redistribution scheme upon an incredulous public, he pretends his agreement with Iran will prevent their production of nuclear weaponry. Their mullahs, the people in charge, say it states nothing of the kind. Concurrently, Iran is assisted in its nuclear endeavors by the release of billions of dollars for its immediate use, actually speeding up the process.

Having forgotten to give peace a chance in Syria with their rush to war, the president and Secretary of State John Kerry sought to hitch-up with Al-Qaeda forces against Syria’s Assad. Protecting his own interests with a seemingly ironic development, the Master, Vladimir Putin stepped in to show Grasshopper & Company how simple it would be to avoid the inevitable slaughter of thousands of innocents. Just when you think this president can’t do any worse, he always proves you wrong.

In an amazing demonstration of political ineptness and arrogance, he chose to shut down part of the federal government, insisting the Affordable Care Act was ready to go and would hear nothing of the demand that the individual mandate be delayed. Rather than accept the lifeline being thrown to him by Republicans, he remained true to form in his aversion to compromise with fellow Americans. When his malfeasance in the ACA could no longer be ignored by his comrades in the media, he resorted to blaming Republicans for their weak embrace of his plan. Probing the depths of ignominy, truly a spectacle to behold, he even tried to tell us he really didn’t say you could keep your doctor and your plan, period. His record on job creation parallels perfectly his record on people signing up for health insurance: Millions fewer have either and we are supposed to see it as an achievement.

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