, Kingston, NH

February 20, 2014

Vote “No” on Sanborn Article #7

Carriage Towne News

---- — Vote “No” on Sanborn Article #7

I am writing to urge Kingston and Newton voters to defeat Sanborn Article #7. This is an attempt to rescind SB2 and return to the traditional meeting which would actually issue final votes on all non-elected office items on the warrant, this includes the budget. Logistically, there are several problems with this.

There is no mechanism for absentee voting; you have to be at the meeting, and sit through the entire meeting, in order to vote on all of the articles.

Couples with small children would have to choose one parent to vote and the other lose their vote because you’re not sitting through this meeting for multiple hours with small children.

Working people who are required to be out of town or working during the meeting also lose their vote. There are programs that provide transportation for people to and from the polls who might not have their own transportation. Is anyone proposing to provide similar services for this meeting?

Sheer numbers also make this approach not feasible without a large drop in the number of people voting. In the 2012 election, nearly 2,400 people voted on the Sanborn District items. At the deliberative session, we had between 100 and 200 people and we half-filled the auditorium. If we had even half of the people who voted in 2012, that’s 1200 people, the auditorium wouldn’t suffice and I’m not sure we have anything which would.

The primary argument in favor of this is that many voters don’t make the effort to inform themselves of the issues and see the articles for the first time in the voting booth. Sadly, the laws of our country don’t require you to be informed in order to have the right to vote.

I would certainly urge you to become informed and understand the issues. The issue here is protecting your right to vote.

Richard Fortin