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Letters to the Editor

February 20, 2014

Atkinson's Deliberative Session:

Atkinson’s Deliberative Session:

Proved yet again to validate the profound definition of “democracy”…two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner, with the taxpayer being Saturday’s meal of choice. It is forgotten that we have Constitutional restraints to the use of taxpayer money then more and more of your money is up for grabs.

I commend the 45 or so residents in attendance, mostly the same faces every year. Whether I agree with them or not, at least they participate in their Town’s governance. Non- participation limits your voice and hurts your pocketbook.

There are a number of Warrant Articles which all residents need to consider carefully. Two articles pertain to truck purchases for the highway department. Currently, small businesses are utilized, which has been cost effective and in addition have done a great job. Capitalization of the Highway Dept will be far more expensive and give us less control over quality. If a small business does a bad job they go out of business; when government performs badly, they take more money from taxpayers to “fix” the problem. In addition, do we want to create private sector jobs, or more government jobs?

There are two articles regarding waterline installation to residents with Dioxane contamination in their private wells. The first requests taxpayer funds for water line installations on the affected streets, but also requests taxpayers to pay for individual hook ups as well. The second, requests funding for individual homeowner hook ups. Atkinson is not a Municipal water town and I’m not sure how many other roads are without water lines; this could be a potential “Pandora’s box”.

I would recommend a three-way split of cost, homeowner, water company, and town, if we knew this were the end of it…we do not. Does that then make the town responsible for homes with excessive Radon as well? In addition private home hook ups is a homeowner’s responsibility, much the same as a new well or a new septic system. Read carefully and give it much thought.

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