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Letters to the Editor

February 20, 2014

Open letter to State Reps and Senators:


And, if it is to be homegrown marijuana, will “trust, but verify” be the rule? Who will verify? Local police, state police or a new group of drug enforcers and at whose cost, the state or local communities? Many town property taxpayers are already hard pressed to cough up ever increasing taxes to cover the town bureaucracy and projects. Please don’t tell me the revenue received from its sale will cover these costs. I am not that naïve.

I hope you will find these compelling enough reasons to vote down any attempt to legalize recreational marijuana. It is a bad move from a number of aspects. From what I read, I do believe it is a gateway drug leading to harder drug use. What kind of a signal to we send to the younger generations if we legalize a drug that has that potential?

Dennis Brady


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