, Kingston, NH

July 4, 2013

Senator Jeanne Shaheen Representation

Carriage Towne News

---- — Senator Jeanne Shaheen Representation

I did not vote for Jeanne Shaheen for Senator. However, once elected I hoped she would represent her state well and the values most of us hold dear. Sadly she has put party over representation and has voted in support of Obama and the Democratic leadership on all critical votes.

What is more disturbing is the fact she has not once spoken out on the abuses and scandals by the Obama Administration that are almost daily being disclosed.

What are her views on what happened in Benghazi and how we lost four Americans without putting up any defense?

Does she support former Secretary Hillary Clinton who vehemently declared, “What does it matter?”

Where does Senator Shaheen stand on the use of power by the IRS to trample on the constitutional rights of those who oppose Obama and his party? Where is her outrage?

Is it better to keep a low profile when one is close to the 2014 elections or to show some backbone and speak out against those scandals and abuses that are trampling our constitutional rights to free speech and freedom from censorship and unwarranted searches?

In the meantime Mayor Bloomberg of New York City - the guy who like Putin in Russia had the laws rewritten so he could run for office again - spends money from his billions to publish ads on TV misinforming and misleading New Hampshire voters on Senator Ayotte’s voting record. Of course not all will agree with her votes, but to use attack ads with inflammatory statements does nothing to educate the voter.

Her votes have been courageous and reasoned as she considered the merits of the legislation and its likely effectiveness in addressing the issues.

It’s time Senator Shaheen steps out of the shadows and lets her constituents know where she stands on the events of the day.

We still have a high jobless rate, our debt has grown another $4 trillion under the Obama Administration, Obamacare is stumbling badly and will likely add significantly to our debt, our stand on human rights as it applies to Syria is muddled at best and then there are those abuses and scandals.

You have the stage Senator Shaheen.

Dennis Brady