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Letters to the Editor

November 1, 2012

Oligny for State Rep


Finally, since Rep. Oligny serves on the Children & Family Law Committee, wouldn’t it be appropriate for his proposed Bills to relate to reform of family law? To suggest that the need to better reduce conflict and promote joint cooperative parenting in New Hampshire’s divorcing families (50% of the marriages) is inappropriate, is just absurd. I guess Mr. Weir and I disagree about the role of the Judiciary when it comes to unfairness for families versus profits in the Family Courts. I’m not sure what the opposition’s focus is, because, as a State Representative, you are very limited in what you can do. Fortunately, Rep Jeff Oligny has done a lot in his two short years in office and will not become a career politician, thus, his role is significant for New Hampshire’s broken families. Most legislators and constituents who have been involved in this topic, understand it completely.

It was truly my pleasure to speak with Andy Weir the other day, as well as his candidate during the primary. They are both good men who I disagree with but respect.

Major James Marques

US Army Reserve





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