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Letters to the Editor

November 1, 2012

Oligny for State Rep

I called Mr. Andy Weir in Hampstead to discuss his recent critique of Representative Jeff Oligny last week. We agreed on some topics and disagreed on others. This is not uncommon. One thing we agreed upon was the need to focus on bi-partisan cooperation and compromise.

I suggested to him that if he really had concerns about Rep. Oligny, then he should have called him to discuss and provide an opportunity to better understand each other and reach some agreement. Since he has chosen to write a critical editorial to the press instead, it’s questionable whether the opposition is sincere of bi-partisan cooperation. This is exactly the type of politics that NH needs less of and I would hope that Mr. Weir’s candidate would agree. God knows we have seen enough with all the commercials on TV.

Many do not agree with the Republican Majority, the House Leadership, the Governor, or any other significant leader or group; you must however decide what party satisfies you the most. Since there are only two major parties, many people choose to be independent, yet they have leanings towards one party. Thus, if they are not sure what those leanings are, they look at the voting record. This will determine what party you are in allegiance with. I believe the conservative Republican Party has the advantage here. Understandably, neither party seems to compromise when they are in power.

Rep. Oligny is one of a growing group of legislators that sacrifices much of his time to serve his community as a NH volunteer legislator while he maintains a full time career to support his family. Shouldn’t we support these people as opposed to criticize them for attendance? Isn’t it a good thing that not all legislators are retired or well off? Also shouldn’t we judge our legislators on their performance and not just attendance? A good example is Rep. Oligny’s House Bill 614 which resulted in the establishment of a first ever state audit of the Guardian ad Litem Board. This audit identified numerous key weaknesses that exist in the Boards operation controlling guardians who many feel put profits ahead of our children’s best interest in divorce matters. Additionally, Rep. Oligny’s support of the Republican majority which passed unprecedented laws this last session to restore the New Hampshire advantage is certainly something that should be praised. Go here:

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