, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

A note of gratitude to our President

Carriage Towne News

---- — Thank you for: Keeping us safe and eliminating those responsible for the attack on our homeland;Your dedication to the needs of our military and their families both when deployed and upon their return; Encouraging the hiring of our veterans by creating jobs and tax breaks for employers that hire veterans first; Ending the war in Iraq; Creating a responsible plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan; Passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that ensures women equal pay for equal work; Improving women’s health care including preventative services; Cracking down on Medicare Fraud in order to protect healthcare for seniors; The Economic Recovery Program that created millions of jobs and opportunities that started us on a path of recovery; Financial reform that has allowed middle class savings programs like 401K to thrive and help the working class to plan for their future; Supporting and encouraging education and retraining programs that lead to better paying jobs; More affordable and attainable student loans; Saving the auto industry and the thousands of companies that support it; Credit card reform that ensures that companies can no longer increase the rate without fair warning and only then with restrictions; Expanding health care to millions of Americans; Allowing students to stay on their family’s health care program until the age of 26; Creating a path to citizenship for hardworking un-documented residents; For inspiring critical thinking and innovation in our schools.

Thank you for considering all the people you serve and putting us on the road to a stronger America. Thank you President Obama. You have my vote on November 6.

Joanne E. Lambert