, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Croteau for Senate

Carriage Towne News

---- — As candidate for the NH State Senate District 23, I would like to share with you my vision for NH. As a native of NH, I know what this great state values. New Hampshire is a beautiful state with wonderful natural resources and a wonderful culture. When our neighbors need help we reach out and help them. We lift them up by providing opportunities for success.

I envision a NH that focuses on investing in programs that make our state the best place to live. Invest in education. Invest in infrastructure. A well educated work force, a solid system of roads bridges and other modes of transportation will help to continue bringing business to our state and create good, decent paying, jobs. My opponent is all about “Job Fairs”. Job fairs do not create jobs. I want to invest in real job creation, such as the development of our rail system; which my opponent voted against. I believe in developing the rail system, which is projected to bring billions in sales, employment opportunities and it is suggested may increase property values. By providing this alternative mode of transportation we also help the environment, reduce commuter congestion and provide transportation to get people to their jobs.

Our budget is about setting priorities and supporting our vision for NH. The current mind set in Concord is to cut, cut, and cut, no matter the impact to property tax payers. I believe that we need to invest in our future while still maintaining fiscal responsibility. It is about setting priorities while keeping overall costs down.

I am dedicated to maintaining New Hampshire’s status as the best state to live in the country and I am dedicated to maintaining the New Hampshire Advantage. I ask for you vote on Tues., November 6.

Carol Croteau