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Letters to the Editor

November 1, 2012

George Manos for State Rep

I could simply contrast the opponent’s positions to George Manos’ as has been the usual practice. I could point out his opponent’s record siding with Speaker O’Brien on economic concerns.

His opponent supported eliminating collective bargaining and worker’s rights including eliminating the minimum wage voting against a workers retraining jobs bill simply because New Hampshire would be working in conjunction with the US government. Even the majority of his Republican colleagues supported this bill. His opponent voted against a rail transportation bill; this would have linked central and southern New Hampshire and provided thousands of sorely needed jobs. He rejected infrastructure improvement bills which, again, would provide jobs as well as seriously needed upgrades. He would privative our penal system which has already been proven to cost taxpayers millions of dollars and result in unjust incarcerations.

He refuses to implement the Affordable Care Act which includes: refusing to join the health care exchange which would results in thousands of uninsured New Hampshire residents and ultimately cost New Hampshire taxpayers millions of dollars. He would abolish the Department of Education with its components; attempt to repeal kindergarten; allow parents to determine the school curriculum; lower the dropout age; use taxpayer money to pay for private religious and charter schools; and even eliminate school lunches.

His opponent joined the assault on women’s rights by allowing government to interfere with the confidential relationship between a woman and her physician as well as allowing an employer to decide on contraceptive coverage. His opponent supports defunding Planned Parenthood (of which most of its services are preventative) and rejects environmental legislation (the Regional Greenhouse and Gas Initiative (RGGI): Simply visiting the pristine splendor of New Hampshire during my canvasses makes you realize how vital it is to preserve it.

I could go on but, as I said, I want to, instead, talk about what George would bring to Concord as a legislator: bipartisanship, civility, compromise, and a business-like approach that would look to streamline government to reduce costs rather than take a hatchet to vital social programs. I would like to add that George’s candidacy has been endorsed by both the NH AFL-CIO and the National Education Association (NEA) of New Hampshire.

To continue, I believe that George can obtain bipartisan agreement on proposals that can move our district forward. It is time we worked across party lines and put what is good for our constituents ahead of political ideology. The choice is stark and clear in this most critical election; I wish that you will honor George with your vote on November 6.

Phil Nugent





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