, Kingston, NH

November 1, 2012

Don’t Quit your Day Job

Carriage Towne News

---- — Mr. Acton takes on “The Affordable Care Act” (labeled “Obama Care”) with his article titled, “Romney is serious about health care reform.”

In the same newspaper, there is another article titled, “Don’t Repeal Affordable Health Care Act” (Obama care) by Ms. Rhoda Feldman of Kensington. So is Obama care good or bad?

If you read these two points of view you will be just as conflicted as when you look for truth within both political parties; so what is a seeker of truth to do?

If you want to find out the real “skinny” on the horrors of combat you would talk to a combat veteran from one of our many wars, not some guy whose only combat experience was watching the History Channel with a “Bud” in his hand.

Since the elderly account for 92% of the cost of health care spending, it would seem prudent to question a respected voice of the elderly - AARP. After viewing the many websites I would ask Mr. Acton or anyone else of a like mind to simply directly address these straight forward statements offered by AARP.

As a starting point lets find something we can all agree on. The Supreme Court has ruled that Obama care is constitutional.

AARP states, “millions of Americans - from the women who can now access free checkups, to the seniors saving on their prescriptions, to the 105 million people that have seen lifetime limits on their insurance coverage lifted - can now continue to enjoy these important benefits.” (So, is this a lie?)

“Twelve point eight (12.8) million Americans receive insurance rebates. Before health-care reform insurance companies routinely spend up to forty percent of premiums on overhead and administrative costs. Today, thanks to Obama care, insurance companies are required to spend eighty percent of your premiums on your health care, - and if they don’t you get a rebate.

This summer, nearly 12.8 million Americans will start receiving their rebate checks which average $151 per household and totaling more than $1.1 billion (Mr. Acton: is this a lie?)

Three point one (3.1) million young Americans gain health coverage by being allowed to stay on their parent’s healthcare insurance until twenty-six Raven kicked off the team. (Is this a lie?)

Mr. Acton has generously made the following most generous offer and I quote, “my wife and I made sacrifices so that we can survive on her salary and I can dedicate the next two years of my life as a Senator in Concord.” Unless the foregoing statements are all lies, the writer would respectfully suggest that you do not quit your day job and further suggest that no one vote for you, unless the AARP people are lying. Fact checks from MSNBC or Fox news are not acceptable; only real everyday people who are having real experiences with Obama care will be counted as reliable.

Robert Grier