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Letters to the Editor

November 1, 2012

Lamontagne is Against Public Education

As a concerned parent and community member, it is important to me to increase awareness on Ovide Lamontagne’s view on education in the State of New Hampshire. Lamontagne has a history of refusing federal funding for education for our children in the State of New Hampshire as Chairman of the State Board of Education. He also believes that increasing funding for our state’s educational system is not a solution for change or improvement. He supports the elimination of the Federal Department on Education, believing that the Federal Government does not have a role in ensuring quality education for our children.

Sanborn Regional School District is moving towards full day Kindergarten for our children, as it has been proven time and time again as the best way to prepare children for successful careers as students. Lamontagne does not believe Kindergarten is even important. He has commended Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted in 2011 to repeal the State’s requirement for districts to offer public kindergarten.

What I’d like to ask the members of our community is this: Can we afford, or better yet, can our children afford, to elect a candidate who would take away important elements of ensuring a quality education, such as Kindergarten for all students and federal funding for education? Lamontagne does not deserve the vote of concerned parents.

Ami Faria






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