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Letters to the Editor

August 15, 2013

Dear Friends of Kelly Ayotte:

Dear Friends of Kelly Ayotte:

We are constituents, not friends of Kelly Ayotte. We are angered and enraged that you waste PAC money lobbying and fundraising for partisan social issues like guns, the second amendment and right to life/abortion (and ultimately your reelection). The only people who should have guns are the police and registered hunters (not assault rifles).

Rather than focusing on the important problems facing Congress such as the environment, the budget, jobs, education, alternate energy, Social Security and Medicare, you seem to be scrambling to retain your seat. I was once proud that New Hampshire has the first and only female congressional delegation, but instead of being aligned with Jeanne Shaheen and moderate Republicans like retired Olympia Snow, you are wasting time courting the radical right.

I would expect that after all these years in government, you would realize the futility of a pissing contest with a man and take the high road. To me that means walking away to tend to the business of Congress. But it seems you are already running for your life to save your seat, instead of working for a good record so you can be legitimately reelected without PAC money.

Your letter typifies what is wrong with politics these days and why the people have lost faith and are so cynical about Congress accomplishing anything. Although he was writing tongue in cheek, Joel Stein in Time Magazine alluded to the fact that only thirty or so bills got proposed this session. Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act is already a law that should be tried out and tweaked, Republicans continually keep voting to repeal it. This is a disgraceful record and if you continue to be diverted from the nation’s needs, you deserve not to be reelected.

Nancy Reiss

East Kingston

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