, Kingston, NH

September 20, 2012

To see a letter from an M.D. promoting abortion is truly scary

To see a letter from an M.D. promoting abortion is truly scary. Whatever happened to our country? Where did this abortion mentality come from? Is it because of the men of this world who forsake marriage and just want to have sex and fun? I would say so as it is obvious that sex is blared at our face from the time we open our eyes! The sex drive is the strongest force that we have in our human being. To behave morally is a choice! When morals are not taught to our children, when pornography is everywhere, when contraception is pushed, and fornication, adultery, and alternative lifestyles have now become our way of life, the obvious result of abusing the gift of marriage is going to be that the innocent pay for the crimes of the guilty!

I would like to understand why, in all the years that abortion has been legal; I've never heard a single woman once say that the rapist must pay the price for his crime. It is amazing to me that of the millions of abortions that have been legally performed, there are not millions of men being punished for their part in the deed. Is this because of shame or fear? How are abortions ever going to be few and rare unless men know that rape is punishable by death. A dead man commits no more rapes. Are we horrified at the thought of killing a man over an act of sexual violence? Why? we obviously don't seem to care about the killing of children in the womb!

In this election cycle the lines are drawn between those of us who are tired of the blood on the hands of our leaders who use this topic to gain and keep political power, and those who would perpetuate the outright destruction of our future. I do not condemn women for being scared or outraged by acts of violence which cause pregnancy. How does killing the innocent victim ever solve the problem of rape? The reason I pose these questions is that we all know that the vast majority of abortions are performed for reasons other than rape and incest and the life of the women. Admit that most of them are for other reasons.

Do we as Americans understand the consequences of over forty years of legal abortions; and that the baby-boomer generation has aborted the very people that they need to support them in their senior years?! The survivors of those years are now forced to pay more taxes, and are saddled with debt which wouldn't have been there if people were given a chance to live and contribute to society. The utter selfishness of selective abortion is destroying the moral fabric of the nation and half of us don't care, or if they do they say nothing about it. I find it difficult to remain silent when a doctor publishes a letter justifying the death of the unborn, but says nothing of the criminals who cause the problem. Will this same doctor recommend that I should be euthanized because I'm costing taxpayers to much in my old age? Thanks abortion!


Ed Parent