, Kingston, NH

September 11, 2012

Support Maggie Hassan

— We Democrats need to think long and hard about the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial primary. We cannot risk Jackie Cilley as the Democratic nominee -- there is too much at stake. Maggie Hassan is the only candidate who can stand up to the Tea Party and win. 

What was the win-loss differential between Mark Fernald, the last Democratic candidate who also didn't take the pledge, and Craig Benson?  It was 20.4 points.  That's not a loss, that's a rout. Although I believe Maggie Hassan's pledge to voters is based on her own sincere belief that an income/sales tax in this economy is a very bad idea, and that the voters of NH don't want an income or sales tax, we Democratic primary voters have to make a hard political calculation.  30% of voters are registered as Republicans, and about 28% Democratic, the other 42% independent.  Recent polls showing that 65% of voters would not support an income tax, how, with that math do you form a coalition of 50% plus one? You don't.  Cilley supporters don't seem to take this political reality into consideration.  In the meantime, back here in reality world,  Ovide, and his tea party ideas, will be our next governor,  thanks to the no-pledge purity of  Cilley-20.4.  

Please join us and support Maggie Hassan in the Democratic Primary for Governor.

Jackson and Kim Casey

East Kingston