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April 25, 2013


Carriage Towne News

---- — ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20

Aries, don’t be pushy with authority figures because such an attitude is not in your best interest. You are better off putting on the charm and getting them to see your softer side.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21

Taurus, avoid getting involved in a family spat unless someone seeks your advice. Let your relatives work things out on their own and only offer your thoughts when prompted.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21

Gemini, you might run into a snag with your spouse or partner over shared finances. Rather than settle issues this week, you’re better off waiting a few days.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22

Cancer, even if the people around you are feeling tense and touchy, you have an innate way of making them feel at ease. Humor and compassion are two great traits.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23

Leo, you might need to make travel plans for a work trip in the coming month. Embrace the opportunity to benefit your career, but don’t forget to have a little fun when you’re away.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22

Virgo, now is not the time to talk about shared expenses or the division of labor in a relationship. You’ll only be starting an argument, and you do not need that right now, Virgo.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23

Staying neutral is the best way to go this week, Libra. Avoid any knee-jerk reactions and practice your poker face. There are some opportunities for fun on Thursday.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22

Scorpio, demonstrate grace under pressure at work this week, even if you feel tempted to lash out at others. Take the high road and you will be rewarded.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21

Sagittarius, the perfect opportunity for a night out with friends presents itself this week. This could be the ideal way to unwind, so enjoy your night out with friends.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20

Capricorn, although it seems like everyone is tense, you feel free as a bird. That could be because you have worked hard to free up time to get away.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18

Aquarius, conversations with others may not flow smoothly, and you may have to come up with a way to reword what you’re trying to get across. Stick with it.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20

Pisces, though you’re praised for your marvelous imagination and sense of whimsy, you also know when to get down to business.