, Kingston, NH

June 20, 2013

Celebrate Advent of Summer

By Heikki Perry
Carriage Towne News

---- — BRENTWOOD — Fun under the sun commences the first day of summer at an event featuring free food and beer, music, children’s activities and solar demonstrations.

And you’ll probably become greener in the bargain.

ReVision Energy, in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and the NHSPCA, will hold its Summer Solstice Celebration from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., on Fri., June 21, at ReVision’s office, 7 Commercial Drive, Brentwood. Also participating at the event will be the Green Alliance and its business partners EZ Bikes & Scooters and AutoBeGreen. ReVision is also a GA business partner.

The meaning behind the Summer Solstice Celebration is to get people excited about the sun, summer, solar power and the environment, says Heather Fournier, ReVision’s office and marketing manager. “We have the solar part covered; the Surfrider Foundation will cover the state of our beaches, which we all enjoy in summer, explaining how to keep them pristine.”

The NHSPCA, which uses solar energy, will bring dogs, cats and other animals. A Bounce House will be there for the kids. And for those not interested in free food, beer and music, ReVision will host tours of its facility and exhibit a new PV array, a solar hot water system, an automatic pellet boiler, and a plug-in Prius with charging station, among other great solar displays.

Green Alliance members should bring their GA cards because ReVision will be giving out nifty ReVision Energy-stamped beer glasses (to go with the beer keg) to the first 30 GA members attending the event. The Green Alliance is a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members. It will have an information table at the event.

All in all, the event will be a fun way to learn about sustainability.

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