, Kingston, NH

August 30, 2012

UFO Festival

— EXETER – The 4th annual Exeter UFO Festival will take place on Sat., September 1, at the Town Hall in downtown Exeter. Not  only is the Exeter UFO Festival an educational experience for both believers and skeptics alike, but it’s a fun time for families   and friends.

Serious talks by current researchers on UFO-logy are held throughout the day, beginning at 8:15 a.m., at Exeter’s Town Hall.   Program speakers include Stephen Mather-lees, speaking on “Extraterrestrials: They Are Here Now”; Dr. Ted Loder will discuss   “ ET Contact: The Implications for Post Contact Advancements in Science and Technology”; Richard Dolan will speak on “UFOs   for the 21st Century Mind”; and Karen Dolan will discuss “High Strangeness in New England – UFO and Paranormal Events in the   New Hampshire Area”.

In the meantime, there are a lot of fun-filled activities going on outside the Town Hall for the children. At Founder’s Park   on Chestnut Street (near the Exeter Library), there will be games and crafts, face painting, buckets of chalk for sidewalk   art, a story circle, and bubble universes. At 10:00 a.m., come to the UFO Construction Contest where youngsters can be creative   with a debris field of recyclables.

There will also be an ET Costume Contest for all ages

For a complete write up and schedule of events, visit or contact Pam Gjettum at 772-2908 or