, Kingston, NH

September 13, 2012

Chefs Unite in Atkinson

— The Atkinson Congregational Church is noted for its children's outreach programs, senior participation, special music, ministry, and near famous spaghetti suppers that benefit the less fortunate in the community. To make these suppers a success, it takes long hours of planning, dedication and hours of effort by the chefs, pictured above, as they get ready for the upcoming 33rd annual “All You Can Eat” Spaghetti and Meatball Supper. Ready to patent their secret ingredients are, from left, Pete McVay, head line cook; Jon MacNeill, ingredient coordinator; Chuck White, commander Chet Balut, lead mixer; and Tom Cunningham, supervisor of personnel. You may also want to note that Mr. Cunningham (see shirt and hat) is a die-hard New York Giants fan and can also do a “slow boil” if his teams are mentioned in the negative. Credit is also given to servers, cashiers, and all other volunteers.