, Kingston, NH

February 16, 2012

Ouellette Seeks Re-election

Ouellette Seeks Re-election

My name is Bettie C. Ouellette and I am running for re-election as Town Clerk - Tax Collector for the Town of Kingston. I am a native of Kingston, born in my parent's house at 32 Church Street and I graduated from Sanborn Seminary as the Valedictorian. Most of you probably know me as I've served the Town as an elected official for over fifty years. Some people say that my job is my life, and they are probably right. I rarely take a sick day or a vacation day and shy of election days, my office is always open. I do this to make it convenient for you, the tax payers. What you probably don't know is that after hours there is still much to do. Closing out the systems and reconciling the day's receipts keeps me in the office long after the service window is closed to the public. I guess you can say I am completely dedicated to our Town.

Over the years, I have served in a number of capacities and have accumulated a number of achievements, some of which are: 42 years as Town Clerk; 52 years as Tax Collector; In 1988, I had both offices combined to save the tax payers' money; Past President of the NH City and Town Clerks Association; Recipient of the Kingston B.P.W. Woman of Achievement Award; Member of the Kingston Days Committee; member of the Kingston Medical Committee; 56 year member of the Order of the Eastern Star and recipient of the Rose Award and the Rob Morris Award; Continually complimented by state auditors for excellent accounting practices.

Kingston is one of the few towns in the area to be fully on-line with the state for vehicle registrations. I am constantly looking for ways to make the process better. I have to do a balancing act with what the State laws and the Town's budget will allow. I strive to find a balance between the two. Due to the current state of the economy, I try to be frugal as I can be. As the Tax Collector, I have a unique perspective and can see that people are really struggling right now. I know how hard it is paying the bills and in order to keep your taxes down, I try to avoid high priced office solutions.

In closing, I vow to maintain the small-town feel that I have kept in place for the past 52 years. In today's fast-paced world, I feel that it is still important to know everyone by name. You will never find a more dedicated employee. I look forward to your support on Election Day, March 13.

Bettie C. Ouellette

Kingston Town Clerk - Tax Collector