, Kingston, NH

March 1, 2012

Stevens for Town Clerk

Every Kingston resident has had to visit the town clerk office at some point and I ask you, as a resident, what are your expectations when you need to use the services provided at the Town Hall? Efficient, friendly and fast service with a smile, a knowledgeable and capable staff, a person with integrity, compassion, motivation, dedication and commitment. If so, I believe you will find all those traits in Laura Irvine Stevens, running for the office of Town Clerk-Tax Collector.

I feel qualified to speak on her behalf, as our relationship spans almost three decades...girl scouts, youth sports, booster club moms at the Middle School and High School, parent/teacher conferences, semi-formals, Indian festivals, proms, high school sports, graduation, college events, weddings, and funerals.

Laurie is a life-long resident of our community, knowledgeable about town affairs, Kingston activities and events, capable in every task she undertakes. She is a graduate of our local Sanborn Regional High School and a member of Kingston Congregational Church. The daughter of Reverend Wendell Irvine, she witnessed first hand dedication, responsibility and commitment - a lesson she could not have overlooked! She has talked with and made visits to Town Clerks in both Newton and East Kingston to get a grip on the responsibilities and duties of this office. She has already indicated a willingness to retain the services of Gail Ramsey and Holly Ouellette to insure a smooth transition and continued service to Kingston residents. Their resources, knowledge and skills will be invaluable as she takes the helm.

Loyalty is evident in her twenty year tenure as accountant, Human Resource Assistant and Assistant to the President, all at Northland Forest Products, here in Kingston. Capable? Laurie has extensive background in Microsoft Office Suite Products, Quickbooks, accounting, and is also a Notary Public (valuable for this job). Having lived and worked in our community for all these years, she is well aware of the Town government, the growth of the community and the needs of Kingstonians.

I know Laurie Stevens is anxious to be of service to this town and I ask that you support her in the elections on March 13.

Judy Rubin