, Kingston, NH

March 1, 2012

Hands Off Public Schools

In public schools in New Hampshire, a teacher has to have a minimum of a master's degree in education plus their major field. Many top rated schools in New Hampshire will be failing schools if the Republicans have their way. They have a plan and it's called the Education Tax Credit bill (SB372 and HB1607) it is a work around to subvert the NH Constitution which says that the "state can't give money to private schools directly".

Scholarship Organization set up by the state will accept money from businesses for scholarships to private schools; they will be allowed a 75% rebate for that denotation from their business profit tax. The scholarships would be given to any student that is in or would like to go to a private school. Here's is the kicker: the money to pay for the rebates (up to 15 million) and the administration costs will be taken from the public school budget. Your tax dollars are going to subsidize children in private schools while taking money out of the school your child goes to. Studies show there is no difference in learning between a private education versus a public education.

The Republicans are trying to destroy public education and this bill will help. Teachers who think they are not respected by the legislature in Concord could not be more right. They want to destroy you. They have already changed the drop out age from 18 to 16.

Public schools are the doorway to the future for the children of New Hampshire and we must keep that door open. Every child has the right to go to public school and if they choose to go elsewhere than the public schools should not be penalized.

Rebecca Fee