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February 23, 2012

Plaistow Candidates and Town Warrant


[Intent: To add an additional fulltime Firefighter/EMT position to the Plaistow Fire Department. Current staff includes the Fire Chief and 2 Firefighter/EMTs. Since the initial hiring of the 2 Firefighter/EMTs in 2001, the calls for service have increased by approximately 40%. In addition, the changing demographics of the Town leave fewer members available in the day time to respond to calls. The Town has also seen significant growth in the commercial sector adding to the existing inspectional activities of the Department. With recent approvals for three (3) over-55 housing projects, projected to add an additional 200 units, to be constructed in Town in the near term, an additional increase in the overall calls for service is anticipated. It is estimated that a full year of this position, including wages of $18.00/hour, taxes and benefits would be approximately $72,500.]


Article P-12-09: Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $10,000 to be added to the existing Building Systems Reserve Fund?

(Recommended by the Board of Selectmen (4-1-0) and Budget Committee (10-0-0); and this funding is in the Capital Improvement Program as approved by the Planning Board.)

[Intent: To replace funds spent in 2011 for emergency maintenance or repairs to Town-owned buildings and to continue to set aside money for future repairs of building systems in Town owned properties. Buildings are one of the Town's largest capital assets and these funds are used to maintain and repair systems such as heating and ventilation, electrical and plumbing. Monies from this fund would be used for repairs that are unanticipated prior to Town Meeting and that cannot wait until a future meeting. This money can only be spent with the approval of the Board of Selectmen. The money in this Capital Reserve Fund is invested in an interest bearing account.]

Balance of this Capital Reserve Fund is $11,082.36 as of December 31, 2011.

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