, Kingston, NH


March 8, 2012

Save Raymond Ethics Code

Article 20 asks to eliminate the Raymond Ethics Code because a selectman demonstrated "poor judgement" when he left a gift for the newly hired town manager. The warrant article petitioner said the ethics complaint against the selectman could have damaged his reputation. If that selectman's reputation was damaged, it was brought it on by his own action.

Reputations weren't considered when that selectman wrote editorials accusing volunteers of being an "Ambush Democracy Group with no compassion for flood victims", "MacMansionites, Elitists and Snobs", "tree-huggers and older hippie types", and writing "terrible zoning amendments by our planning board". There was no concern for four conservation commission members' reputations when the Board of Selectmen removed them, "ignoring" the Ethics process, and denied public comment during public meetings.

Residents refuse to volunteer for fear of being criticized, disrespected, and intimidated by the Selectmen for groundless reasons, not because of ethics complaints.

If all Raymond public servants behaved ethically, the Ethics Committee wouldn't be necessary. Raymond needs to keep the ethics policy to protect our rights and prevent abuse of power from occurring "now more than ever". Vote "No" on Article 20, retain the Ethics Code, and support fair dealings for all volunteers.

Cheryl Killam


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