, Kingston, NH

March 8, 2012

To Kingston Residents:

Dollar decisions are hard choices on voting day. We believe Article #22 is one you should consider as a positive step for Kingston.

In 2007, voters agreed that if the commercial development under consideration at that time did not move forward, the Selectmen would appoint a committee to investigate the possibility of purchasing the parcel in question for future municipal use. In response to the will of the town's people, this committee was formed and, after conducting its due diligence, recommended purchasing the parcel for a fair and equitable price. The selectmen support the committee's findings and have proposed Article 22 on this year's ballot

It is important to foster economic growth while keeping our town an attractive, inviting and well-protected place to live and do business. How will this purchase help with that? Research through our state's preservation agencies has shown that places that protect their historic assets are more livable, more desirable locations, and have a competitive edge over places that do not. Purchasing this property will help to protect Kingston's unique character and the gateway to our Main Street historic district. Quality and character of a town can serve to attract new residents, stabilize the tax base, improve the image of the town, foster tourism and attract new businesses.

Ultimately, should we purchase the property, the town will decide how it gets used. But Kingston is poised for growth as the transportation infrastructure is improved in and around our community. We have a unique opportunity to acquire a prime piece of real estate in a valuable location. This is good planning, a smart investment in our future, and wise stewardship of Kingston's land assets. We ask you to support Article 22 on March 13th.

Judy Rubin, Chair

Virginia Morse, Vice Chair

Kingston Historic District Commission