, Kingston, NH

March 8, 2012

Candidate for Selectman

My name is Jim Thompson and I am running for the office of Selectman at the elections on Tues., March 13. I would very much appreciate your vote.

I have been blessed to have resided in Kensington since 1978, just before my first child was born. My three children grew up here, attended Kensington Elementary School, then the Exeter School system. From there they graduated from college and have moved on to their own lives.

Having retired from the US Dept. of Agriculture and from 20 years in the Army Reserve, I now work part-time for the Central Association for the Blind at the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard. Although I have been very involved with the Kensington Congregational Church, I have not had the time to be involved in town matters other than a year on the Planning Board and as a voter and attendee at the Annual Town Meeting.

I am running for selectman because I feel a need to give back to the town that I am so very proud of. I consider myself a moderate in most matters of policy. I know the importance of education and social services, but I also know the burden of paying taxes. My position would be for a balance between the two. I know we need to conserve our natural resources, but we also must provide housing for our workforce.

If you vote for me, I will do my best to provide for you a balanced agenda. Thank you very much for considering me on the ballot.

Jim Thompson


Candidate for Selectman