, Kingston, NH

March 8, 2012

Foote for Selectman

Larry Foote is running for Selectmen in Newton. He was elected by the residents of the town last year and this was a good decision that needs to be repeated.

Larry has the ability to listen to residents without passing judgment. He has displayed many leadership qualities in his term as a Selectman and fully participates in all phases of the job. In 2011, he was accepted and graduated from the Selectmen Leadership Institute in Manchester, where he studied all areas of municipal government. Larry is very involved in the town and currently serves on the Safety Committee, The Safe Route to Schools Committee, Emergency Management Director, Seabrook Emergency Management Team Director and a member of the Newton Fire Department. I urge you to vote on March 13th 2012 for Larry Foote, for another term as a Selectman.

Larry has been instrumental in achieving town wide compliance (as recommended by Homeland Security) via the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS). This trains the town employees for emergencies and also makes the town eligible for FEMA reimbursements and Grants, many of which he has written. This is a talent that is important to the financial security for our Town. Larry is also the person responsible for our Alert Phone Broadcast System. This allows the residents that have signed up to receive daily phone alerts on emergencies in Town.

Being selectmen is more than just coming to meetings. It combines professional experience, common sense, ongoing training, grant writing and assisting the Department Heads in various ways. Larry has worked closely with the Police Department, Road Agent, and Fire Department on many projects, many of which have resulted in equipment the town has received at no cost, and no tax impact to the residents.

Serving as a selectman is not for the faint of heart. This is a 24/7 job. The selectmen have weekly meetings and also have to be a liaison to other departments and committees. This means more meetings, more site walks, and more work. On the average a selectman is involved in meetings 2-4 times a week, but that hasn't stopped Larry. He has been a constructive contributor for the Town. You always know where you stand with Larry and that's very important. He doesn't sugar coat anything and he tells it like it is, yet at the same time he speaks from the heart.

Selectmen must make many decisions and often times they don't agree, and Larry says, "That's okay, let's get it on the table and discuss it". If you want a proactive selectman with the ability to write grants, help protect the town during emergencies and be a positive and professional member of the Board of Selectmen, I encourage you to vote for Larry Foote on March 13th, at the Newton Town Hall.

Trisha and Bill McCarthy