, Kingston, NH

February 23, 2012

Candidate for Library Trustee

My name is Sarah Gannon-Weston and I am a candidate for Library Trustee in Danville. One of the first things I did when my family moved into my husband's childhood home in Danville was to get a library card.

I am an avid reader, and during my weekly visits to the Library I see the many different services that our library provides. On one visit, a child came running up with two more books to add to a pile of dozens ready for check-out, the excitement on his face clearly showing his early love for reading. I often see patrons at the computer terminals - a service for research, job searching, and social networking for residents. The children's story hour, the various groups who meet there, the Inter-Library Loan service, the development of digital loan technology - these are just a few of the services that make our library a supportive and meaningful community resource.

Having worked in publishing, and as an estate property manager overseeing fiscal and structural business, I will bring my love of books and smart financial stewardship as a Trustee. My husband's family moved to Danville in 1962, and my husband, daughter and I moved here full time in 2007. I have been visiting Danville since the 1970's and we have a deep love of our town.

As Trustee, I will help our library continue to be a vibrant community asset. Please vote for me as Library Trustee on March 13!

Sarah Gannon-Weston

Candidate for Library Trustee