, Kingston, NH

February 23, 2012

Candidate for Selectman

My name is Charles Melvin, Sr., and I am running for the position of Selectman for the Town of Newton. I have lived in Newton for 44 years. With my son, I own and operate C&M Auto Repair, located in Newton. Some of my other qualifications include Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Real Estate Broker, Planning Board member, lifetime member of the Historical Society, and Grange member. I have also volunteered my time on numerous committees for the town.

Newton is a town in need of new leadership, leadership that will make the residents' financial interests a top priority. Practicality and sound financial decisions is what Newton is also missing. Here is an example of where the town of Newton has the opportunity to save a huge amount of money: the hourly rental of the Town Road crew truck. I'm not sure how many residents are actually aware that this truck is leased to Newton at the rate of $55.00 per hours, 32 hours per week. If you do the math, the cost to Newton residents equals $91,520.00 a year for a vehicle that is rented. I do not know many people that would pay roughly $90,000.00 for a truck that is only used for approximately 32 hours a week. The truck is equipped with equipment such as shovels, saws, brooms, and basic tools. The cost for the town to replace such items would be a practical decision.

The cost of $55.00 per hour was verified by the town bookkeeper, with whom I spoke to today. It is important that the voters of Newton feel confident that their selectmen have their financial interest at heart. The expense of a town work truck that could potentially equal $91,520.00 per year is alarming to me. This is a substantial amount of money for the rental of a vehicle for basic town road repairs. If I were Selectman, I would propose that Newton purchase their own vehicle for town use.

After researching trucks online, I discovered (on average) that a one ton 4X4 diesel dump truck could be purchased for approximately $60,000, and a plow would cost an additional $8,000. To me (and I am sure most of you) this is clearly a no brainer. Including maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs, the town could potentially save at least $375,000, over a five year period. That is a substantial amount of money that could be used in many different areas of the budget.

Again this is just one of the many reasons I am eager to join the leadership team of Newton. I care and love this town, I have lived in for most of my life. Please come out and vote for Charles Melvin, Sr. for Selectmen on March 13 at Town Hall.

Charles R. Melvin, Sr.