, Kingston, NH

February 23, 2012

Double Standards in Raymond

In March 2005, the Raymond Conservation Commission placed a two page informational article in the town's newsletter, On the Common, about protecting Flint Hill from rezoning for development (article 9 zoning amendment #8) and retaining 100% of the Land Use Change Tax (LUCT) (article 39) for land conservation. A complaint was brought to the Board of Selectmen that the town's newsletter had been used to promote voting issues. A current sitting Selectman was the complainer against the Conservation Commission's use of On the Common and he persuaded the Selectmen to make a new rule in 2005 that the "town's newsletter would not be used to promote voting issues".

The January 2012 issue of On the Common was delivered to voters' homes. It included a four page article promoting the purchase of the Old Post Office building, Warrant Article 8. It appears the complainer Selectman failed to remind the Selectman's representative to the RCTV Cable Committee about the rule from 2005 since the information on the Old Post Office building was allowed in the newsletter. Did this happen because the selectmen want the building so they have a dedicated meeting place that they control? Once again, the Raymond Board of Selectmen have broken their own rules to suit themselves.

Cheryl Killam