, Kingston, NH


March 1, 2012

Newton Warrant Article #6


To us, this is a "Pay me now or Pay me later" scenario. But, if we pay later, we will pay a lot more, probably in the millions of dollars. If you do not believe that we have an infrastructure problem, visit the current Police station, Fire House or the Town Hall.

Folks, we will never get an opportunity like this again to make such massive improvements to our town for such a fair and reasonable cost. If your home is assessed at $250,000, your Tax Impact is $33.00, that's about the cost of lunch for two at a local restaurant; not much to pay for the benefit we will reap.

There are times when a conscientious public must do the right thing; this is one of those times. Please vote Yes on Warrant Article #6.

Bill and Marilyn Landry


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