, Kingston, NH

March 1, 2012

Newton Warrant Article #6

Article # 6 - "To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate $800,000.00 for the purchase of land and buildings on Merrimac Road, identified in the town's tax records as Map 12, Lot 6, Sub-lot 11, a portion of which will be used for a new police station, to authorize the execution of a 10-year, 0% interest mortgage and promissory note to finance the purchase of the property"

On March 13, Newton voters will once again be asked to vote in favor of a warrant article to improve the infrastructure of the town. The difference this time is that it is much less expensive and it has the potential to allow us to improve the infrastructure of not only the Police Dept., which was the beneficiary of previous articles, but to also house the Town Hall offices, the Fire, Emergency Management and Highway Departments. In addition, there is land available if the town decides it needs a couple of new athletic fields.

The generosity of Mr. Bearce to offer the town this property, and all its buildings at the below market price of $800,000.00 is unimaginable. And to finance it over a ten year span at no interest is a true testament as to how much he loves Newton and wants to see it prosper. This is an unbelievable opportunity for our town.

We, like every other resident in this town, do not want to see our taxes raised. However, neither do we want to live in a town where the infrastructure is crumbling around us. If we do not jump at this extraordinary opportunity, the resulting effect will eventually be deteriorating property values of our homes, increased safety and health liability to the employees and residents that use the town facilities, and a downturn in the number of people who will want to move into our town.

To us, this is a "Pay me now or Pay me later" scenario. But, if we pay later, we will pay a lot more, probably in the millions of dollars. If you do not believe that we have an infrastructure problem, visit the current Police station, Fire House or the Town Hall.

Folks, we will never get an opportunity like this again to make such massive improvements to our town for such a fair and reasonable cost. If your home is assessed at $250,000, your Tax Impact is $33.00, that's about the cost of lunch for two at a local restaurant; not much to pay for the benefit we will reap.

There are times when a conscientious public must do the right thing; this is one of those times. Please vote Yes on Warrant Article #6.

Bill and Marilyn Landry