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February 23, 2012

Danville Town Warrant


a) Town-owned conservation land which is managed and controlled by the Conservation Commission under the provisions of RSA 36-A.

(b) Any part of a town forest established under RSA 31:110 and managed under RSA 31:112.

(c) Any real estate that has been given, devised, or bequeathed to the town for charitable or community purposes except as provided in RSA 498:4-a or RSA 547:3-d.

Article 2012-16 Mandatory Recycling Program - Advisory Only

To see if the Town will vote to advise the Board of Selectmen to develop a mandatory recycling program for the residents of Danville.

Discussion: If the Town were to adopt a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance at a future Town meeting this would allow the Board to fine individuals who are disposing of recyclable material into their normal trash containers. This costs the Town additional fees at a rate greater than $80 per ton while recycle material is disposed of for free. It is the desire of the Board to see that recycling tonnage will increase, thus decreasing the overall cost of solid waste collection.

Article 2012-17 Public Safety Services Special Revenue Revolving Fund

To see if the Town will vote to establish a Public Safety Services Revenue Revolving Fund and deposit any monies received for permit fees from the Building Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, Electrical Inspector, and Health Inspector into this fund as per RSA 31:95h and to appoint the Board of Selectmen as agents to withdraw funds as necessary to pay Inspector fees for permits that have been closed and transfer Town fees into the General Fund at a minimum of once per year.

Discussion: Building, Plumbing, and Electrical Inspectors are paid 75% of the revenue received from the permitting process. 25% is earmarked for the Town. The 75% amount paid to the respective inspector is currently a budget line item. It is a crystal ball process to properly forecast these expenses, but the Town will always come out ahead with 25% of the cost of the permit. The CCRC ($100 million) project off Route 111 will have a projected building permit in the neighborhood of $25k - $50K and will be a multi-year inspection process. This Revolving Fund will allow monies received from permits to be automatically deposited into this account and expenses will be withdrawn at a time when required. When an Inspector has completed the final inspection of a project the 25% remaining cost of the permit fee will be withdrawn from this Revolving Fund and deposited into the General Fund. This is a NO TAX IMPACT Warrant Article.

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